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What is this medicine used for?

It adds strength to effectively train to maintain muscle mass and affects the relief of the built up muscles. The drug is taken for the sake of increasing muscle mass. Also to raise the total body weight in bodybuilding.


Effectively prevents breast enlargement in men.
Reduces the amount of adipose tissue, which explains the great popularity of tamoxifen for losing weight.
It can be used to recover from a course of AAS (androgenic and anabolic steroids).

The dosage of the drug at the recovery stage depends on the duration of the steroid cycle. Scheme of taking Tamoxifen for men after a 6-week course:

20 days: 20 mg each.
10 days: 10 mg + 50 mg zinc + 10 mg vitamin B6.

Tamoxifen as the main means of PCT is used in doses of 10 to 20 milligrams daily, starting from the last week of the course and ending with the second week after its end.

The use of tamoxifen is carried out strictly as directed by a doctor. Taking tamoxifen on your own can negatively affect your health.

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