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Norditropin NordiFlex

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The solution Norditropin NordiLet is a biosynthetic growth hormone obtained by genetic engineering. The main active substance is somatropin which is able to normalize the structure of the body by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Liquid growth hormone is contained in a disposable multi-dose syringe pen which is convenient for injections and represents a solution of the active substance at a dosage of 5, 10 or 15 mg.

Effect from application

Due to its anabolic properties the drug is widely used in sports. It actively participates in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, improves metabolism and allows you to build muscle tissue. In addition the drug helps to strengthen and stimulates the growth of bones. We propose to buy the growth hormone Norditropin in our store in order to effectively achieve the desired result.

Norditropin application has a number of valuable effects for athletes. With its help you can ensure:

  • increase in muscle mass obtained by enhancing protein synthesis, good transport to the muscle cells of amino acids, active increase in muscle cells;
  • burning of fatty deposits accumulated in the body;
  • strengthening of joints, ligaments and bones;
  • rapid healing and recovery from injuries or excessive physical exertion;
  • rejuvenating effect;
  • getting a charge of vigor, strength, energy and well-being.

In the case of stunted growth in childhood and adolescence the drug is prescribed for bone growth. It is important to determine the correct dosage. It depends on the goals and the desired result.

Purchase Norditropin

Our store specializes in selling high-quality products for athletes. Here you can buy Norditropin, the price of which is quite affordable. The site presents a wide selection of original certified growth hormones and peptides from proven manufacturers.

Purchasing Norditropin from us you get:

  • guarantee of high quality and authenticity of the drug;
  • consultation of qualified specialists on your issue;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • the best democratic price;
  • prompt delivery

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Shipping and payment

The parcel is sent within 2 working days after the payment of the order after which you receive a track for tracking. We guarantee the receipt of the products otherwise we will refund all the money for the order. You can opt out of insurance, this will save $ 50 from each package. In this case the company disclaims responsibility for delivery after the transfer of the track to the buyer.

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