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PEG-MGF peptide

PEG-MGF peptide (Mechanical pegylated growth factor)  is a variant of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), which results in increased muscle cells needed for adult muscle continuing to increase the possibility of their genetic limit. Like other forms of IGF-1, Peg MGF (also known as IGF-1EC) creates new muscle cells and stimulates muscle growth, promoting nitrogen delay and protein increase. Pegylated MFR differs from conventional MGF, that it has passed a process "Pegylation" which extends its half-life in the body opportunity from 30 minutes to several days.

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Peg MGF dosage

The average dose is 500 mcg (can be divided into two dosages to paired muscles) in the body fat on your stomach; frequency is 3 times a week. Many people advise to administer it 1-2 hours before workout or immediately after exercise. Try both variants and determine how you will be better, but your muscles can be overloaded  during a workout  if you administer a drug before a workout, that may obstacle your normal workout routine in a gym.

PEG MGF course

Best of all mechanical growth factor interacts with the IGF. There are a few points that you should pay attention at such combination. The best option is what is to combine with Peg is IGF DES, des locally in the muscle in training days, and then the next day dose of peg mgf. Get a good synergistic effect with such combination. If you take juice then adding DES is not necessary, because levels of insulin-like growth factor are already increased.

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