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Mgf (mechano growth factor) - mechanical growth factor. One of the isomers of insulin-like growth factor. This isomer is formed in the body mainly after physical activity. Mgf starts the process of glioblastoma fission (muscle cells) in order to restore muscle damaged during execution of hard physical work. This increases the weight and volume of muscle and their speedy recovery. Reducing natural mgf in the body due to age or disease causes loss of muscle mass.

Mgf itself is extremely unstable in human body it breaks down within a few minutes. Therefore, all modern mgf peptides are pegylated. This means that the mgf molecule is attached to a polyethylene molecule what in no way affects the biological function of mgf but allows it to function and not to break down in the body for several days.

In addition to increasing muscle mass and accelerate post-workout recovery mgf has other effects such as increase in stamina, decrease in the percentage of body fat, increased muscle definition and probability. Mgf is able to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the muscle and bone tissue to stimulate the proliferation (duplication) of bone marrow cells to stimulate tissue regeneration of the whole organism. Mgf reduces the level of bad cholesterol and also has neuroprotective and immunostimulatory properties.

Main effects of MGF:

  1. Muscle growth;
  2. Improvement of immune system;
  3. Improvement of heart function.

Mgf side effects:

  • itching and swelling at the injection site,
  • tingling of the fingertips (rarely)
  • possible bleeding from the nose
  • slowing of mineralization processes and differentiation of osteoblasts.

Mgf can accelerate the migration of cancer cells. Therefore it is not recommended to take people with suspected cancer. If there are no suspicions, you should not be afraid. Mgf peptide itself can not cause cancer.

Application and dosage:

MGF is administered daily subcutaneously or intramuscularly. In the amount of 100 - 200 mcg. In training days injections are better to do right after your workout. In dry form mgf is stored up to two years in refrigerator. In dissolved form - up to twenty days in refrigerator. Dissolve mgf with saline, water for injection or bactericidal water.

MGF course:

Dilute vial with 2 ml of injectable water and administer with insulin syringe locally in the muscle at 200 micrograms immediately after training. Do not administer subcutaneously in abdomen because due to the small half-life it just does not have time to get into your muscles.

Mgf feedback

All athletes taking mgf, mark a steady set of quality muscle mass, without side effects typical of anabolic steroids without a set of excess fluid, but with a decrease in per cent of body fat, increase in muscle definition and vascularity. It specifies a small rollback - no more than 10 percent. This is a great indicator. For example, when taking anabolic steroids, aftertreatment rollback is from thirty to seventy percent.

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