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The use of growth hormones to increase muscle mass or compensate for its deficiency in the body is known since the beginning of the 20th century. However, over the past decades, genetic engineering has made an unthinkable step, bringing the production of such complex preparations to a qualitatively new level!

Hygetropin is manufactured completely in the laboratory, 100% controlling the synthesis process and the final composition. This allows you to avoid unnecessary impurities in the preparation and increase its digestibility to maximum.

GH is popular among athletes of almost all echelons due to their effectiveness, as well as a minimal set of possible side effects.

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You can purchase Hygetropin:

  • Directly on the website
  • Make a purchase by e-mail

The KAG shop works directly with the manufacturer. You can be sure that you purchase the original Hygetropin at the best price.

The drug is based on somatropin, which is produced by the human pituitary, consists of 191 amino acids. It's impossible to buy Hygetropin in a pharmacy: all growth hormones are sold strictly on the permission of a doctor (athletes do not prescribe such drugs), and this model can not be found even in stock.

Anyone from Great Britain, United States, Canada and any other country in the world can purchase Hygetropin. Order will not take long. All questions you can ask by mail, we will gladly help with the choice.

Price for Hygetropin

Passing the Hygetropin cycle is considered to be one of the most expensive, however this fact is compensated by a higher than competing digestibility. Working without intermediaries, we try to keep the price for Hygetropin at a minimum, counting on a larger volume and regular customers.


The purity of the drug has long won fame in the circles of professional athletes and coaches, and the effect of the application boils down to the following:

  • Improvement of the liver, kidneys, adrenals;
  • Improving the functioning of the reproductive system;
  • Activation of a set of lean muscle mass;
  • Increase the endurance of the body;
  • Activation of bone growth, as well as improvement of their mineral composition;
  • Burning of fat depot;
  • Improvement of the immune system.


Hygetropin with an enviable regular becomes a topic for discussion even in eminent publications: experts and athletes themselves agree in his undeniable favor. However, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, avoid overdosage and observe the storage conditions.

The drug has also been used by a number of well-known athletes not associated with the world of heavy loads - it has proven itself as a tool to help recover from injuries and injuries. If you have completed the Hygetropin cycle purchased on our website, then please give us a little time and write your review.

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