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HGH frag 176 191

Product SKU: hgh-frag-176-191
1 VIAL = 5 MG

Fat Burner HGH 176-191 2 mg. The fragment acts by simulating the natural path of growth hormone which regulates the metabolism of fat but without adverse effects on blood sugar. As growth hormone it stimulates lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the conversion of low-fat food materials into body fat). This was confirmed in laboratory tests on animals and humans. Perhaps the best fat burner for the moment, the results of the use of hgh 176 191 will be noticeable within a few weeks. Here we recommend the most optimal scheme of the drug.

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Girls, if you want to lose weight very quickly, this the peptide that you need. After all, at this point, we have not yet come up with the best fat burner for women!

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With what you can combine HGH Frag 176 191, feedback, guarantees.

With what better to combine HGH 176,191? It works well in conjunction with cjc 1295 dac. The peculiarity of this course is that we need to administer two drugs at the same time, namely the hgh fragment 176,191 2mg and dac cjc 1295 2mg. This course has a strong fat burning effect, designed for 1 and 2 months, even better. A fragment should be placed at 800-1000 micrograms per day and split this dosage into 3-4 receptions, and some have 5-6 times per day. Remember that 1 mg is 1000 mcg. CJC DAC is administered only 2 times a week for 1 mg. This combination is essential for those who want to promptly get in shape. Reviews about this drug are very different, but the majority are certainly positive reviews. In our view, all of the negative reviews are associated with a large number of fakes on the market. Our shop is confident in the quality of products supplied and is ready to return the money for the unused vials HCH, if you are not satisfied with its quality (according to the results of analyzes).

Dosage and recommendations for application:

Directly about the course of the fragment. It is safe to start with 3 injects 300-350mkg 3 times a day. Using a fragment it is necessary not to forget about the diet. Quite simply, it is necessary to eat less carbohydrates. 2 hours after a meal you can administer hgh 176 191. After 2 hours you can eat again and you may eat protein even earlier, without waiting so long. Carbohydrates are desirable to eat not earlier than 2 hours. For greater certainty administer fragment before going to bed (on empty stomach) and immediately after sleep (but after this injection do not eat carbs within 2 hours ). The ideal dosage of the fragment: 1 mg divided for 4-5 injections. For the minimum course of 6 weeks you need  from 15 to 20 vials. It turns out an average of one bottle for 2 days.

Note: We still do not understand why the rest of sellers of the runet not consider it necessary to say that at present the peptides are not intended for people. Responsibility for the use of the product for other purposes bears the buyer. These peptides are not for use in foods or as a medicine. Fragment HGH 176,191 is not meant to: cure, prevent, mitigate any disease or illness. 

Enough to think, it is time to purchase HGH 176-191 frag, and to get a beautiful, slim body of your dreams.

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