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Somatropin (HGH)

Buying the human growth hormone (HGH) is the best solution for muscle growth, extra fat burning or rejuvenating.

Do you agree with the fact that has asked himself one of the following questions at least once: how to build up your muscles or lose weight?

 This page contains the best products from our standpoint that solve the questions above. The  medications presented have the following effects:

  1. Subcutaneous fat burning
  2. Muscle growth (as a result, strength increase)
  3. Anti-aging effect
  4. Brain activity stimulation
  5. Overall body condition improvement

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We offer the growth hormone for an attractive price. All the products are original. You can easily check it via product serial number found on the manufacturer`s website.


On this site you can buy original HGH:

All the products are of high quality what is proved by clinical trials. For your convenience, we provide you with several means of payment. Besides, you can order shipping to any location in USA or EU.

Please, choose below the quantity of kits you’d like to order and fulfill the requested information.

When you’re placing the order, mind the following:

  • we accept payment via Western Union/Money Gram or wire transfer to our bank account in USD
  • all the orders are shipped within 2-3 days after the funds received
  • we do not ship on weekends or holidays
  • we do provide you with tracking once the order is shipped
  • if you pay via bank, it can take up to 5 working days process your payment (usually 2-3 days)
  • we charge you shipping by regular airmail, we can also ship by DPD in the EU
  • we have RESHIP policy, so if the package is seized, we’ll ship it again

Main regions of sales: USA, UK, Netherlands, Israel, France, Czech Republic, Poland.


Our company`s price policy implies low pricing for somatropin. We rely upon long and mutually advantageous partnership with our customers. When it comes to the company`s reputation, it`s highly esteemed by us. Owing to that we have been successfully operating for more than one year by far.


We assure you of the products quality and we are ready to pay your money back for unused HGH units, in case the opposite is proven document-wise (the test results are enough). You can find out more about the most popular products in the list below. For your information each product has got a detailed description. In case you still have any questions – please, don`t hesitate to write to Watsapp: +44 7562 428544, and our specialists will kindly advise you.


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36 IU
Product SKU: genotropin
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5 vials of 16 IU
Product SKU: zptropin
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Product SKU: hygene_100
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Product SKU: Norditropin
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Product SKU: Hygetropin
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Product SKU: Jintropin
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Product SKU: Genopharm
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Jintropin 200IU
Product SKU: Jin_200IU
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Canada Somatropin 100IU
Product SKU: CanadaSomatropin
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HGH Spectrum Pharma 140 IU
Product SKU: Spectros
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Product SKU: humatrope
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Product SKU: Ansomone