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Buy the DSIP 2mg
Buy the DSIP 2mg
DSIP 2mg
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DSIP peptide is designed to improve the quality of sleep which is very important for athletes. Meet the drug properties and learn about its application.

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The drug in its properties is identical to the peptide synthesized in the body. Its effect on the body is linked with delta waves, whereby the quality of normal sleep normalizes. DSIP also has a positive effect on blood circulation, metabolism and function of human capacity.

With the ability to reduce the impact on the hormonal system of the adrenal gland, the peptide has anti-stress effect. This is due to a sharp decline in production of glucorticoids. It should be noted antiviral effects of DSIP.

The structure of the peptide consists of nine amines determining the property of the drug. So far DSIP is the only neuropeptide gene which the scientists were unable to identify. For this reason the reasons of synthesis of the endogenous substances are not exactly known. In our store you can buy dsip safely and quickly.

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Scientists have found that the peptide interacts with a specific areas of the brain and activates the phase of deep sleep. Note that the drug starts to work quickly after administration. Compared with most modern hypnotic drugs the peptide is completely safe because it does not contain substances such as, for example, barbiturate.

The drug is excreted from the body of certain animals and is a natural substance. Also note that its production technology is relatively cheap and for this reason the price is low.

Through the use of the peptide you will get rid of frequent awakenings and your body will be able to fully relax. Also it allows to effectively eliminate stress, sufficient to synthesize serotonin required to maintain blood glucose levels, etc. An interesting feature of the DSIP is its ability to suppress the activity of opioid receptors which leads to stop drug and alcohol addiction development. It should be noted other properties of the drug:

  • increases the impact of growth hormone in the body.
  • Increases the quality of sleep.
  • normalizes blood pressure.
  • Increases the recovery rate of all systems of the body after exercise.
  • Reduces the number of metastases.
  • Accelerates the secretion of the endogenous growth hormone male.
  • Effectively suppresses the effects of free radicals on the body.
  • Slows down the aging process of cellular structures of all tissues.

DSIP is necessary to administerby analogy with other peptides - intramuscularly or subcutaneously. The drug should be taken once or twice during a day. In single dose, the dose is 200 micrograms. When using DSIP twice a day the daily dose may be increased up to 750 micrograms.

If you take the peptide once a day then it must be administered for 1 or 3 hours before bedtime. If DSIP is used twice, the first admission must be made for 3-5 hours, and the second 1-3 before the onset of sleep. The drug works for eight hours and its Course Duration is one to three months. Also the first few weeks is desirable to introduce the drug daily, and then injection frequency can be reduced to once every other day.

Since the drug has sufficient capacity, the need to combine it with other drugs is eliminated. You will be quite enough to hold a solo cycle of DSIP to get the desired result.

DSIP feedback

Many people suffer from sleep disturbance and for this reason you will quickly find feedback. Among them you will know that the peptide worksvery well. Also, people who used the drug say its full security and affordable price.

*This peptide is being tested and is not intended for humans. You can purchase it only for research purposes.

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