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AICAR - a substance very similar to a protein that is naturally present in the body. Aicar is a peptide which has the molecular formula C 9 H 15 N 4 O 8 P and molecular weight 338.211. Sometimes found under the names: ZMP, AICA ribonucleotide, Acadesine, or more scientifically sounding 5-aminoimidozloe-4-carboxamide ribonucleotide, plays an important role in the regulation of metabolism.

Aicar dosage:

Drug dosage is 10 mg - 20 mg daily for four weeks. After the course make a break for 1 month. The vial is 50 mg.

AICAR effects:

  • weight loss;
  • increase in muscle mass;
  • fat burning;
  • development of endurance during long non-stop stress.

We would like to add that Aicar has been used for endurance in sports since 2006.

The peptide Aicar storage conditions are the same as for the other peptides. Store it diluted or undissolved in refrigerator.

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